A multi position, multi use platen for the KMG Grinder,
or any other grinder with a 1 1/2" square tooling arm.
For a number of years now, I have been using a platen
that I conceived, with the initial model being built
by Rob Frink of Beaumont Metal Works.
Designed for use on the KMG, or any other grinder
that utilizes a 1 1/2" square tooling arm,
this platen offers what I feel is the ultimate in versatility,
and ease of changeover. Once you use a
"Caffrey Platen" you'll wonder how you ever
did without it!

The mounting arrangement allows the platen to be turned to any
of the working surfaces;  Flat platen, 1 1/2" contact wheel,
slack belt, 3" contact wheel, or any place in between by loosening one
bolt, moving the platen to the desire position,
and then re-tightening the bolt.

The platen created some problems for Rob to produce,
and with his blessing, I am offering a way for you
to have one of your own.

After much effort, I have come up with a set of plans for this platen.
(Please ensure you read the NOTES at the bottom of this page)

There are FOUR available options...
Option #1: A printed set of plans which contains 19 pages of instructions
and photos along with 3 templates that can be cut out
and used to trace the main parts of the platen.
The cost for a printed set of plans is $38.00
which includes 1st class postage

Option #2:  The complete plans on CD or USB drive, which contains all
the same files as the printed version, but requires you
to print the plans and templates out on your computer.
The cost for the plans on CD is $35.00
which includes 1st class postage

Option #3: The  platen as pictured above, WITHOUT the contact
wheels or hardware for mounting the contact wheels.
(all holes will be drilled/tapped) 
I recommend ordering your contact wheels from:
You will need one 1 1/2"x2" contact wheel, and one 3"X2" contact wheel
WITH BEARINGS. Following are the SunRay part numbers you will want to order:

1 1/2" Contact Wheel for the top of the Platen:
M1-N1H2X(add a "S" for Steel core or an "A" for Aluminum core)
1.5” x 2” idler wheel, 70A black poly, .375” id bearings (x2)
(I would encourage you to use Steel cores on the 1 1/2" wheel
as it does not strech out as quickly when/if replacing bearings.)

3" Contact Wheel for the Bottom of the Platen:
M1-N3X2XX(add a "S" for Steel core or an "A" for Aluminum core at the end)
   3” x 2” idler wheel, 70A black poly, .5” id bearings (x2)
(Either steel or Aluminum core is fine for the 3" wheel)
**I DO NOT keep these contact wheels in stock, therefore you will have
to order them yourself.**
  When ordering from SunRay, you must give them ALL of the
specifications for the contract wheels you want.
The above part numbers will get you the correct 1 1/2" & 3" contact wheels for the platen.  If you're ordering any other type of contact wheel, you MUST give them ALL the specs for the contact wheel(s) you want...DO NOT assume they know what you want....if you don't specify it, they will not do it.
The cost of this option is $375.00 PLUS shipping,
and will generally be shipped via
USPS Priority Flat Rate box.

Option #4: A complete platen, ready to install and use (as pictured above).
Since I do not keep the contact wheels in stock, this option
will take longer as I have to order the contact wheels and wait for
them to arrive before I can install them and ship the platen.

Cost of this option is $525.00 PLUS shipping. As with #3
I will generally ship via USPS Priority Flat Rate box.
NOTES: Please Read

* All of the materials used in constructing this platen
should be readily available to you locally, with
the exception of the contact wheels. All of the
materials I utilize come from local hardware
and steel suppliers.

* The construction of this platen requires drilling
larger holes (3/4" is the largest), minor welding,
tapping threads, and  milling machine work. 
If you cannot, or do not feel capable of these skills,
I recommend using a local machine shop.

* In order to use this platen, the 1 1/2" square tooling
arm on the KMG (or other grinder) MUST BE MODIFIED.
I have created, and will include, a template for
accomplishing this with any purchase of the plans
or a platen.

* I will not attach or ship the platen with glass or pyro-ceram.
It will be your responsibility to obtain and attach any platen facing material if you choose to do so.  I can/will install a "shelf" to support "glass" facing the platen (if you request it)....however, if I do so, the glass must be installed in order to use the platen.

Payment methods I accept:

-Money Orders
-Personal check (must clear prior to shipping)
-Visa/Mastercard (4% processing fee applies)
-Paypal (using  Paypal will add 4% to the total) do not send any
payments via Paypal until you receive an invoice from me.
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